Vietnamese girl is about to debut as a Kpop idol: Her beauty is controversial, but her profile makes Gen Z admire

Kpop is about to welcome another multi-national group with Vietnamese members.

Every year, Kpop welcomes many new groups and solo singers. And with the expansion of influence globally, more and more foreign idols are coming to Korea. Kpop also appeared a number of Vietnamese trainees, bringing with them the hope of Vietnamese fans about one day seeing their country’s idols succeed in the international arena.

Most recently, Vietnamese netizens were stirred by the news that a new multinational girl group was about to debut. This group is called Beauty Box, has 6 members and is especially noticeable when there is a Vietnamese trainee named Anh. Find out more information about him, you can see that she has been pursuing her dream of becoming an idol for a long time, has experience in acting and participated in auditions. However, the beauty of this girl is controversial on Social Network.

Preparing to debut in a new multi-national group, will the fading beauty make a difference?

It is known that By-U Entertainment company is based in Seoul, founded by YJB singer Yeon Jun Beom. The company is about to launch the first girl group called Beauty Box. Beauty Box has 6 members from many places, 2 Korean members, 1 Thai member, 2 members from Japan and especially England – a girl from Vietnam.

Currently, there are not many details about him, but fans still find a girl named Tran Nguyen Tram Anh, born in 1999 of Gen Z and about to join Beauty Box to welcome Kpop in 2021. However, in the introduction video. released by By-U Entertainment on YouTube, it can be seen that Tram Anh’s beauty is considered to be quite faint, without any special features in the Kpop flower garden. In return, Tram Anh was also able to show off her dancing talent that was not average. Currently, this girl’s beauty is controversial on Vietnamese social networks, but the support is more than criticism.

Tram Anh’s visual was judged by netizens to be quite blurred, but it could also be because the blonde hair and makeup style “dipped” the female idol’s beauty.
Although it is also relatively good-looking, it seems that Tram Anh has no special features compared to the common ground of Kpop. Her plus point is her bright eyes and bright smile

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