Using 2 types of masks to wash my hair, I fell back because of the results

It turns out that using a mask to wash your hair will have this result, my friend… Washing my hair with a standard shampoo is known to everyone, but after two green springs, I am now enlightened with the style of washing my hair with a hair mask.

It sounds strange, but when I tried it, I understood why this method is so magical through the duo of 2 Kérastase Purifying Cleansing Clay (green jar) and moisturizing masks. for hair Kérastase Specifique Masque Réhydrateant (white cap).

For those who do not know, Kérastase is a brand that specializes in selling high-end product lines for hair care. Most of the company’s products are priced at a few hundred thousand, up to several million or more, which is quite high but goes hand in hand with quality. I myself have tried using the company’s hair loss prevention product and really find it as divine as the rumor.

So, when I have the opportunity to try this mask duo, I have quite a bit of faith in it. In terms of packaging design, both types are contained in sturdy plastic jars, simple and nothing too fussy. Now let’s talk about texture and scent.

Kérastase Purifying Cleansing Clay Mask for Oily Scalp

The product is quite thick, but when I spread it on the scalp, I find it very easy, its foaming level is moderate but the ability to absorb oil is terrible. The scent is extremely “fresh” and especially refreshing. According to what I read, it is because in the ingredients there is clay and menthol.

If you’re new to using it, I advise you to take a little bit, not “greed”, if you take a lot, your hair will be hiss. Because this is an oil-absorbing mask, I recommend that you only use it once a week, if you decide to use it, don’t use shampoo anymore, otherwise your hair will double the dryness.

As is true of normal skincare principles, when I have used a clay mask to clean, I will continue to use a moisturizing mask to restore balance to the hair. The smell of this mask is very similar to the clay you mentioned above, the smell is cool and feels… genuine, just like when you go to the salon to wash your hair!

The texture of Kérastase Specifique Masque Réhydrateant is not as thick as Kérastase Purifying Cleansing Clay, so it is easier to spread. I apply both to the scalp and all over the hair, let it cool for about 5 minutes, then rinse with water. After rinsing, my hair was very smooth, not dry like when I finished using the clay mask.

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