Transgender girl was repeatedly rejected by 3 mothers to marry: “If you can’t have children, what’s the use?”

The mothers flatly refused to let their son fall in love with a transgender girl for fear of not having an heir.

Surely any mother wants her son to get married and have beautiful and lovely children together.
However, there are always ironic situations in life, for example when a guy falls in love with a transgender girl.
Recently, the online community suddenly re-shared a clip from 2 years ago, cut from the show Perfect Lady.
The girl who appeared in the broadcast boldly asked the opinion of 3 mothers in front of her: “If your son loves a transgender girl, what do you think? Do you accept that?” .
The girl boldly asked 3 mothers if they would accept their son’s love for transgender people?
The girl’s question surprised the audience backstage, because everyone thought this was a completely beautiful woman before.
The mothers, in turn, gave the answer that they did not agree, with the reason that they wanted their son to get married and have grandchildren to “continue the family line”.
Some people even said to a female friend: “If you can’t have children, what’s the point?”
The audience was surprised to know that this beautiful girl used to be transgender
All three mothers disagree because they want to have grandchildren to “hold their hands in their arms”
However, the son of one of the three mothers appeared and offered to live with the girl. He made it clear that the girl would later live with him, not her mother-in-law.
However, the girl still maintains the thought that she wants to live peacefully and peacefully with her mother-in-law, not despite to marry a son and then have a conflict with her mother.

The clip has brought a lot of controversy to netizens. Some opinions say that mothers do not want their children to be happy, but only intend to find a daughter-in-law to give birth to. In addition, many people agree with the views of the three mothers, few people can accept their children to get married without having children, because the children will be the “bridge” to help their parents stick together. together more.

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