The red carpet turned out to be the territory of European and American stars showing off their abs, the final boss will make you respect

In addition to showing off their fiery round 1 or round 3, European and American stars are also especially addicted to showing off their abs when on the red carpet.

Keira Knightley is not a person who shows off her chest “flowing” or a tight butt, but someone who likes to show off her abs. In 2003, instead of wearing a slender dress on the red carpet, she wore a crop top and jeans, simply comfortably showing off her perfect second round.

Emily Ratajkowski is also one of the women with the most beautiful body today, she even has the talent to get in shape super fast even though she has only given birth for 1 or 2 months. She also especially likes to show off her deep belly groove every time she drops her figure on the red carpet.

Elsa Hosk is also on the same team as Emrata, is one of the hottest long legs today and is very addicted to showing off her toned abs through crop tops and fishtail skirts.

“Thuy Loan” Taylor when she was slim, but not as full as now, also had a tiny 2nd round and good abs. That’s why she often wears crop tops or cut out clothes when going to events.

The Hadid sisters of course also do not ignore this show formula, but the frequency of showing off their abs on the red carpet is not much.

In order to break the confusion, thinking that people with a fertile body will have fat in the second round, the Kim sisters boldly wore crop tops on the red carpet!

Not inferior to juniors, Jennifer Lopez has actually applied the formulas to show off her abs when on the red carpet since “once in the past”. Up to now, her 2nd round is still very toned even though the owner is over 50.

Although Teyana Taylor may be less popular than the above beauties, she must have the biggest abs. She must be very proud of her six-pack, so simply wearing a crop top is enough to highlight her advantages.

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