Should buy a house to buy land before the age of 30 or not? There’s one thing I didn’t realize until I owned real estate!

If you have money, should you invest in a business or buy a house or land? If choosing real estate, should you buy an apartment, house or land? … are always questions that make young people headache.

One of the first bullet points of many people when they have money will be to buy a house or buy land. Because “settle in karma” is inherently rooted in their subconscious.

But today, do young people consider buying a house and buying land as the top goal, when they have many other business and development opportunities? That’s not to mention that to own a piece of land, a house all needs a huge amount of money, if there is no “diamond sponsor” named after parents, they also have to pay installments.

If you want to know more about young people’s thoughts on buying houses and buying land, try listening to the opinions of those who have been owning their own real estate!

In your opinion, should you buy an apartment, house or land?

Currently, an apartment with full amenities around is a great choice, both for living and investment purposes. In the future, if conditions allow, I will buy a house with a large garden to have a space to live, relax, take care of trees and be private.

Many young people do not seem to like buying houses and buying land because they think that using that money to do business will make more money, especially when they have to pay installments or take out loans. What do you think?

This is exactly what I wanted to share. Because I used to buy 2 houses on installment but sold, now I’m renting. I’m young, what I need is new experience, environment and opportunities, while the rental house is getting more and more beautiful and modern, so I sold the house.

This decision not only helps me get rid of the pressure of loans but also has a relative amount to invest, do business and increase profits. If you’re lucky, after the age of 30, you won’t have to accumulate or worry too much about housing and land anymore. Why not try it?

One thing that you just realized after buying a house and buying your own land?

Honestly, I’m a bit regretful. It sounds funny because when you own yourself a dream house at a relatively young age, it is also admirable. Moreover, I am also a person with more or less influence, so I am more and more interested in people. But 1 year later, I realized that buying 2 houses with such installments was really unnecessary. It reduces other opportunities and experiences because my financial ability is not so stable at this time.

Since when do you think you have to buy a house or buy land?

After graduating from university, I worked as a mechanical/medical equipment engineer for 1 year, then quit, switched to business, worked at a family company and started a business. I opened farmstay (farm resort tourism, farm combined with work experience with farmers and workers) in the Central Highlands with some friends. The complicated epidemic situation caused the tourism industry to suffer a lot, so we were forced to temporarily stop “stay” and only operate “farm”. However, farmstay still had a lot of investment costs, so we decided to take a bank loan, but the disbursed amount was too little compared to our expectations.

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