Possessing a well-proportioned body, Waramporn Dolly is charming in the new concept

Graduated in finance and banking, Beautiful Girl Waramporn Dolly is a streamer, has become a well-known fitness model and gym coach for her seductive beauty.

Waramporn Dolly possesses impressive body measurements: 88-63-98 cm.

She once won the silver medal of Bodybuilding Beauty of a prestigious contest.
“I got to know the gym through a friend who introduced me. At first, I only thought to get a little better. I did not expect that the more I practiced, the more beautiful my body was. So I stick together until now” Waramporn shared.
She has been with the gym for 5 years to have a toned body like the rocky mountains of the present.
She used to cry at the gym when she saw her ugly body, which is also the reason she determined to improve her physique.
Impressive body with the story of changing body to become stronger and more beautiful every day helps She become the name that makes viral when joining Miss Fitness Star Vietnam 2021
During the 5-year period, exercise and eating are always two factors that combine in parallel to improve her physique.
In addition to the exercises of tightening the waist, burning body fat, the third is the position of Her body to spend a lot of effort to “level” each day.

Hot streamer and lover a sports

“I take good care of the 3rd round exercises. I think a girl with a beautiful and sexy back will be very attractive. So I practice my butt and back very hard to have a toned back and round 3, ”said the 9x beauty.
Her moments of showing off her tiny swimwear made many people admire, giving many compliments.
Although wearing a discreet dress, her race-like curves are still attractive.
In addition to the gym, she also practiced boxing and golf.
She advised the girls to take time to practice when possible to be confident in their physique and full of energy.
In addition, She said exercise will help the body metabolize better, sleep well and have a beautiful skin.

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