Mlee Quach wore a fiery bikini – Beauty and talent

Mlee is real name is Quach Tapiau Maily. She is a hybrid with two Vietnamese-French bloodlines. Possessing an outstanding hybrid French appearance, she has received a lot of attention and love from the audience for nearly 8 years working in the arts.

Beauty and talent are what audiences remember about Mlee

The 9X beautiful girl (Mlee) also shows versatility when working in many roles: model, singer, dancer, actor and MC in many programs for young people.

Looking at the “French rose” Mlee, director Le Hoang believes that the female singer must have many advantages in her work. Because she is an art activist, besides talent, appearance is also a very important factor. The female singer also expressed embarrassment. When asked by director Le Hoang how many lives had been harmed in the program “Weekend story” broadcast on VTV9.

Beauty and talent are what audiences remember Mlee. She owns a stylish and sexy fashion in everyday life. Her supermodel figure is an advantage to show off when wearing a swimsuit. Mlee has an impressive collection of swimsuits: From basic to dangerous cuts or to the most “infamous” open-breasted shirt in 2020, she is also seductive.

Outfits that are cut right at the chest, revealing a half-open half-circle are a fashion trend that is widely used on different designs. From swimsuits, croptop shirts in applied fashion to evening gown designs … all use this detail to create an expensive accent for the outfit, the wearer is more attractive.

Fashionista by Lee Quach

Mlee experimented with many swimsuits with shapes, details cut in many different positions. However, her toned body advantage helps her always score points for aesthetics as well as ensuring safety. If you look at the profile of a Vietnamese-French beauty that has been compared to 1 thousand years, you can see her countless swimwear collection. From the design to the color, all the body is fully respected.

Mlee is 1.76m high. She owns straight legs, slim waist and wide hips. To maintain her body at the highest level, MLee focuses on sports training. She often exercises gym, boxing, skipping, jogging to enhance fitness, maximize endurance and burn fat. excess efficiency.

9x beauty is friendly with some exercises such as squat, plank, … to support the development of muscle groups in the lower body such as thighs, abdomen, buttocks. Besides, she also likes to practice boxing with her coach or punching sandbags. Boxing is an intense sports sport but increasingly popular with women. A series of punches and strong kicks in boxing help beauty lose weight, tone the body, and consume excess fat quickly.

Described as a “hybrid rose” personality when carrying two Vietnamese – French bloodlines, MLee possesses a bold Western beauty. Up to now, people have always been accustomed to the image of a young and stylish MLee. But after “upgrading” round 1, she becomes more mature, sexy and daring.

It’s not enough to talk about MLee. Impressive fashion style is also what makes the female singer stand out more in the showbiz flower garden. Without limiting herself in a certain framework, MLee is one of the few artists with flexible fashion styles.

Vitamin Sea hay Vitamin MLee?
Hot body from Mlee
Hot body from Mlee

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