Minh Phuong used to translate in large meetings, with the participation of the president, vice president and senior leaders.

Late afternoon at the end of the month, Minh Phuong sat down with me next to a small laptop with headphones plugged in. One in Korea. A person in Vietnam.

By the time the talk took place, it had been a very long day for me. As for Phuong, it was when she had just finished a 3-hour online interpreting session for a cooperation project between the Vietnamese and Korean Governments.

On the other side, Phuong’s voice was a little shy, perhaps because she suggested starting a long-distance call at the end of the day: “I just finished translating when I got a phone call from a student asking for advice on visas.

This whole week, my schedule is very tight because I have to prepare for the new semester and have to move and move house.”

There is a very special and lovely thing about Central people far from home that I feel.

That is, no matter how far and how long they go, they still retain their distinctive voice as a reminder of their homeland. So is Minh Phuong. She was born and raised in Da Nang.

Minh Phuong wins the sympathy of the opposite person with a good-looking face

Even though I’m not her compatriot, I still know Phuong through articles on websites with sparkling words of praise, such as “Superwoman Vietnamese girl”, “Super woman”, “Powerful girl of origin”.

Da Thanh”… And people in Da Nang city – her hometown, have known an artistically gifted Phuong since childhood, often appearing on TV.

Growing up, she applied for a full scholarship to study abroad in Korea, then became a master, and is currently both a doctoral student at Yonsei University and a professor at a university. other study in Korea.

In 2019, Phuong became “famous” again when she became the first Vietnamese to be honored as an Honorary Citizen of Seoul in November.

Like many other “superheroes”, in addition to the “flying” minutes to go to work, everyone else admires them as having successfully completed the teaching work at the university, while also working as an MC for KBS, an interpreter for the university. high-ranking delegations and other unnamed jobs to support compatriots living in Korea… Phuong also has a personal life with its own ups and downs.

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