Luang works hard for charity despite the noise Vbiz revolves around this issue.

Luang’s way of doing charity: Transferring money directly to people who need support, acting as a bridge between relatives and benefactors

Charity artists are a hot topic of discussion on social networking forums. A series of cult stars were called into this grove such as Tran Thanh, Thuy Tien, Hoai Linh…

Although the artist’s charity work is still controversial, in recent days Bao Anh has decided to stand up and work to help people in difficult circumstances.

Instead of calling on sponsors to donate money to transfer money to me like many artists have done, Bao Anh has another, more practical way to personally spend money to support people during the epidemic season.

After completing his part, Bao Anh will publicly post the account numbers of people in need of help to call on the Fatherland Fronts to join hands and directly transfer the relief money to those in need.

During 5 days, Bao Anh received thousands of requests for help. Every day, Bao Anh always updates the status of support payments through successful transfer photos and a list of specific recipients.
The singer helps each difficult situation with an amount of 1 million dong, then shares information about difficult situations day by day, publicizes the account numbers of those who need help to call on fans and MTQs to join.
Unlike other artists, Bao Anh does not raise funds, but directly supports with his own money and is just a bridge to share.

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