Janney Khanittha Model In Secret Room Photo Shooting

Janney Khanittha is a famous model for her sexy style, especially sexy photo shoots to play sports.

On the personal page, the beauty has a caption that she wants to make sports sexy. Janney Khanittha many times wore short, tight-fitting outfits in the bed.

She often chooses short-cut outfits with a bust that doesn’t cover the waistline, combined with a croptop.
Possessing a standard body like drawers, she often chooses outfits that respect her body.
She owns nearly more than 100k followers on facebook and nearly half a million followers on Instagram.
Underwear is also the costume that appears in many of She’s wardrobe. But instead of choosing sexy designs like thin lace, she loves strong, sporty underwear that is suitable for her personal image.
She loves sexy but sporty style with items such as t-shirts, croptop.

This concept take by ภควัต วงษ์ศิริ Photographer.

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