Huyen Dior Hot Gymer with 100cm

Khanh Huyen has become a hot girl with an extremely hot body with a 100 cm waist, ideal for many women. Huyen Dior A very famous gym trainer in Hanoi.

Bui Khanh Huyen (Nicknamed Huyen Dior) is a famous gymer and coach in Hanoi.
The 28-year-old girl has a beautiful body like a supermodel with a height of 1m70 and extremely hot three-round measurements 88-64-100cm. Huyen’s personal page currently has nearly 100 thousand followers.
Before joining the gym, Huyen had nearly 3 years working as an office worker and received a lot of criticism for his appearance because of his thin and sick body.

“Before I went to the gym, I was extremely skinny and was a bit skinny. I do office work for 8 hours a day and then go home, so I am very sedentary. My body always felt sluggish and stressed. Although I’m thin, my abdomen is big because of the excess fat, and my stamina and stamina are also poor. I feel inferior when wearing tight clothing. Especially, many people mocked as “front and back as one”, or “flat screen” because round 1 and round 3 are very small “, Huyen said.

That’s why Huyen determined to go to the gym. After only a few months of training, she gained 5 kg. After nearly 2 years of serious practice, Huyen has a well-proportioned and attractive body. Currently, she has nearly 6 years following this subject.

“For many years, I always practiced 4-5 sessions / week, each session lasting 1-1.5 hours. This is difficult at first, but later on, gym becomes an indispensable part of life. Even when I travel, I try to find the nearest gym to practice a little bit ”, shared Huyen.

Huyen said that she always tries to practice all the main muscle groups of the body including back, chest, shoulders, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, … However, because she is a girl, she likes to practice buttocks and hind thighs. and back to look more glamorous.

From an ordinary office woman with poor stature, Khanh Huyen has completely changed to become the ideal model for many women. Her story spreads strong inspiration to the girls who want to change their body shape as well as their lives.

“Gym completely changed my life from health to physique. I am confident and proactive in my life and work. My income is better. Currently, as a personal coach, my time is quite busy because clients will practice at all hours including weekends, but I am happy to do what I love, ”said the 9x beauty.

In addition to the gym, Khanh Huyen also loves jogging and cycling.
Khanh Huyen recalls her happiest memory of helping her fat friend from a young age lose 5 kg with the knowledge that she has learned and learned.

“My saddest memory is when I first entered the coaching career. There was a time when I couldn’t motivate a very fat girl to practice to lose weight, so she stopped pursuing. But that sadness also over because she later found me again. This time I helped her lose nearly 20 kg, ”said Huyen.

Khanh Huyen also actively participates in many gym-related activities. She became the Head of Training of Fitness Union (FUN), a common playground for Fitness coaches to update and learn about the development trends of Fitness in the world and in Vietnam.

“My goal is to become the top personal coach in Hanoi. Parallel to the practice and teaching, I also always improve my knowledge and participate in many courses to enhance my expertise. I also want to help and properly orient young people who wish to enter this profession, ”Huyen said.

What Huyen feels the most unhappy is probably the fact that there are still thoughts and incorrect views about the profession of fitness coach, which makes this profession still viewed in a negative direction.

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