Guides endure during the pandemic: “Stay healthy is everything”

While waiting for the support package, many guides have long been bankrupt economically and some have even passed away forever because of Covid, leaving grief for many colleagues.

July 2021 is probably the most painful time for Pham Long Dien, an English guide who has been working since 2016. The whole family of 9 people has been infected with Covid.
In a simple house, 3m wide, 7m long, on Ton Dan Street, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, is where the aunt and her husband and sister live. 4 days ago, Dien’s aunt, 70 years old, died because she could not defeat the mutation of corona virus.
“In just a week, I lost my aunt, my family is in need of food and financial help day by day, I never thought things would be this bad,” Dien said sadly.
Currently, the remaining relatives of Dien are struggling with the disease.
Despite her age, Dien’s aunt showed no signs of underlying disease, so her family members subjectively did not notify the medical team and ward management until the virus invaded her heart and lungs, and her aunt’s health. could not be saved.
When the pandemic happened, Dien said that he still had a little money saved from the job he loved and earned another amount from grabbing and making leather goods such as pliers, scissors, saws, etc. trekking people.
The income at that time was around 1 million dong, although it was not much, it was still dong in and out. The epidemic is getting more and more serious, there is no source of visitors like before.
Dien thought of running Grab, but the motorbike was still under repair and because of the fear of the epidemic, Dien only dared to stay at home.
The income has been less and less now. Exhausted finances became a heavy pressure on the boy’s sleep, born in 1988. When he and his family were infected, neighbors were afraid to contact, so help became more and more limited.
Until the aunt gradually lost consciousness, could not speak clearly, could only mutter a few words in her mouth, that worry grew.
As the healthy person in the house, Dien tried to regain his strength despite feeling pale due to symptoms from Covid.
His aunt couldn’t take it anymore, and when he died, his family was forced to cremate the body as soon as possible.

The cost of buying oxygen tanks and medicine made the family unable to bear it. The ward management promised to lend his family some money to cremate their loved ones. The total cremation amount is 13 million VND, including the cost of burning, transporting and sterilizing the body.

With no other choice, Dien had to seek help from colleagues from an English guide forum. After only a few hours, he had more money than expected. Like others during the pandemic, Dien does not want to receive more because there are more difficult circumstances. Dien does not know what the coming days will be, but he still tries to stay optimistic with a message to many colleagues: “Being healthy is everything”.

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