Duyen gave the fate of bangs to Minh Trieu and the ending was really “peek-a-boo”

Will the friendship between Minh Trieu – Duyen be “open” after this haircut?

Talking about the story of haircuts, in this world there are so many people who are naive and foolish when they trust too much in their own clumsy hands or their best friends. Yet sometimes we still find it difficult to leave. Typically, Ky Duyen recently decided to leave the fate of her bangs to Minh Trieu, based on a viral video tutorial online. I don’t know if she “cures a pig to become a lame pig”?

Before “taking a chance”, Ky Duyen owns a fairly long bangs, when she lets it touch her collarbone completely.
First, Minh Trieu divided Ky Duyen’s roof into two halves, each half was combed diagonally to the opposite side. She held this section of hair at full tension and performed a diagonal cut.
After “cutting off” the hair to shorten it, Minh Trieu began to trim the tail to style Ky Duyen, so that the hair would not be stupid or fake. But I don’t know what the outcome will be…
And ooh! Unexpectedly, this Minh Trieu girl was so cool, the final product turned out to be surprisingly beautiful, everyone!
The roof is trimmed in a very natural and soft way, suitable for the face of Miss Vietnam 2014.

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