Ann 9X wears a bold “cut out” swimsuit

Ann 9x and many Thailand beauties have impressive cut-out swimsuit options.

Recently, Ann 9x posted on her personal page some new pictures that attracted the attention of netizens. The beauty wears a black monokini design with no textures but is accentuated with symmetrical cut-out details.

Not only that, the suit also has a high waist cut, so it maximizes the sexy look of the wearer. In addition, if you look closely, the viewer will easily recognize the connected cuts on a see-through fabric that is both discreet and comfortable to style.

Some famous people like Ny Saki, Mingfah have expressed how hot Ann 9x is. The witty beauty replied: “Summer is on fire, honey” or “Isn’t it cool”. Netizens broke down, exclaiming in one word: “Xuu”, “pretty”, “wow”,…

Ann 9x chose a bold swimsuit design with details like a matrix.
Fans feel about the sexy beauty of 9x beauty.

Ann 9x is in love with the cut-out swimsuit

The idea that the swimsuit is a difficult outfit to renew due to the cost of fabric, but it is still constantly being created with “dangerous” designs. In particular, the use of cutting lines is considered to be streamlined but brings high aesthetic efficiency.

The gaps can be carefully calculated that will cut at the waist, bust or shoulder, sometimes the designer is free to be creative, cut in unexpected positions. Ann 9x herself is also the one who has a special affection for these outfits.

The Beauty often chooses to wear swimsuits with cut details like this.
The cut lines help the outfit have more accents and enhance the wearer’s figure.

The “prime” cut-out positions are the waist, the first round that attracts the attention of others.

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