Who is the “nation’s wife” who has an eye-catching round 1 of guys online?

With a bright smile and bright white skin, she quickly became a phenomenon shared by netizens.

Social media TikTok is a fertile ground for beautiful boys and girls to promote their advantages. Because now, if you want to find young men and women who can sing or dance well or act well, there are enough online.

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Recently, a beautiful girl with an eye-catching dancing clip is being shared by netizens. Surfing quickly on the internet, it is easy to see compliments, beautiful photos with her bright smile. So, who is this brand new internet phenomenon?

The girl in the video’s real name is Benny Benz. Starting using TikTok from mid-February 2021, her channel currently has 757K followers and 3.3 million likes and is still increasing by the minute.

Benny Benz’s most viral video is the one wearing a white crop top, low-rise pants showing off her full bust, slim waist and attractive dances with more than 10 million views, 1 million heart-dropping views and tens of thousands of average viewers. discuss and share.

The content Benny Benz often shares is dancing videos to the music. However, it is only in recent videos that her dress is somewhat comfortable, revealing more hot spots on her body. In addition, her bright face, bright smile and white skin also made a strong impression on viewers.

After becoming famous all over the internet, videos with similar costumes and choreography of her also attracted attention, receiving 1-9 million views – a dream number for many people. Below these videos, it is easy to come across comments praising her beautiful appearance, making many people just look at pretty girls and forget to watch other things.

Can anyone tell if this guy wears a watch?

Really super product, so pretty.

Laugh like you want to drop your heart out.

Did anyone notice whether the air conditioner is on or off or just looking at this friend?

This is the video I watched over and over again today.

Why don’t you look directly at me, my husband is here.

My wife is so pretty.

Guys, get out of the way, I’m done.

Wow, you don’t need to know how to dance, just really pretty.

Deserves to have 10 lovers.

Hic, no one has it all, how can you have me.

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