What is the best-selling scalp exfoliator on Sephora, recommended by Elle and Cosmopolitan?

Not only that, the purchases and “hearts” for this scalp exfoliator are also huge.

Haircare as well as skincare, should maintain 3 basic steps including cleaning – moisturizing – protecting, then the new hair will be healthy, smooth and long. Talking about the cleaning step, many of you probably think that just shampoo is enough, but that’s not the case, your scalp and hair will sometimes need double cleansing like that of your face.

This means that you should add an exfoliating product to your haircare routine, and the product introduced today is the brand’s Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt. Christophe Robin.

Since its launch in 2013, Christophe Robin’s exfoliating bottle has quickly become its best-seller and is constantly recommended by prestigious newspapers such as Elle, Cosmopolitan or New York Magazine. In 2019, this bottle of exfoliator for the scalp won the Best of Beauty award from the famous beauty magazine Allure. In addition, on Sephora, the product also received nearly 60k “hearts” and many winged compliments.

According to the company’s description, the main use of this product is to soothe and balance an itchy, oily scalp. Besides, “it” also helps to remove the residue of other hair care products as well as help purify the hair. All hair types from straight, curly, curling, straightening, dyeing, damaged or experiencing split ends, easy to break can use this product.

According to the company’s description, the main use of this product is to soothe and balance an itchy, oily scalp. The main ingredient of the product is sea salt – a natural exfoliant used in many purifying products for the scalp and body. The sea salt particles in the product are not too big, so it will not cause your scalp to be scratched when used. Knowing the fear of users when using sea salt will dry the hair, the company has added almond oil to add nourishment, helping the hair maintain softness afterwards. But don’t let that make you skip the intensive care products.

“This is one of the best products I’ve ever used. Unlike other sea salt exfoliants, Christophe Robin’s sea salt granules are so moderate that I don’t feel any pain when I apply them, on the contrary. I feel very comfortable, comfortable. After massaging for a few minutes, I rinsed it with water and was surprised by its foaming ability. After rinsing my hair, it didn’t leave any sticky feeling. I use it. the product is once a week and it’s been almost 2 months now, feeling extremely ecstatic.The scalp is no longer itchy, uncomfortable, the flaking patches are no longer there, after using it, the skin is slightly oily. It’s very light and bouncy. However, my hair is a bit dry every time I use it, so if you use it, remember to add conditioner and hair care products too” – quote from one user.

Another girl shared: “Oh my god I like this product so much that I have to write a review right away. I have never felt so beautiful and comfortable like this. My hair is straight hair, after using it. It feels super clean, my hair is light but still very soft. I received a sample before but after using it 3-4 times, I decided to buy it. Sea salt granules dissolve quickly and are easy to rinse off. I still wish I could use it every day, but I definitely can’t.”

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