What does Non mango look like without make-up that makes netizens panic?

Without makeup, can Non Mango still preserve her western visuals?

Pure Vietnamese 100%, but somehow, Non mango has a very “western” line. Especially when the makeup is sharp, wearing bright lenses, she looks even more like a hybrid goddess. The question is: If there is no lipstick, will Non Mango still be beautiful???

The answer is yes. Below is a series of photos taken by the online community while Mango Non was livestreaming, not at all a photo of her “selfie” but still looking very stable. At home, Mango Non doesn’t have sharp eyeliner, doesn’t wear “western” lenses or creates elaborate contours, at most, a little lip balm is applied but still very pretty, the visual is almost preserved.

Even without makeup, Non Mango looks younger and more suitable for her 19-year-old age. Posting just a random photo, but less than a day, this hot girl has earned more than 70,000 hearts and countless compliments from the online community.

For those who do not know, before being married to the richest streamer in Vietnam, Xoai Non was already a popular hot girl online. It can be seen that her beauty is becoming more and more mature day by day, and her beauty style is also more stable and trendy, so it’s no wonder the new fan base is so crowded.

  • Chan is so pretty!!!
  • So pretty.
  • Too pretty.
  • Isn’t it beautiful?
  • Beauty without makeup is real.
  • Oh my gosh, it’s pretty.

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