Want to wear black but afraid of being called old and stupid, that’s because you don’t know how

Mix & match with black items so that it is not difficult to be both pretty and young!

It is no coincidence that black clothes are so popular with many girls. Easy to mix, less dirty, covers well and if you choose the right fabric, it also helps whiten skin. However, in the summer, people still say that they should not wear black because it is both hot and delicious, and also adds a few years of age among a group of friends wearing all kinds of other outstanding colors. But what if you still can’t stay away from black? Fashion blogger @moi_bin will tell you 5 tips to coordinate with black extremely simple.

  1. Have a good pair of black doll shoes

If high heels hurt your feet, and flip-flops aren’t polite enough in the office, a pair of black dolls is the perfect choice. “She” will not lose the momentum and softness of high heels, but add the comfort, convenience, and ventilation of flip-flops that are important for all types of clothes. Because you wear it often, you should invest in a good quality pair a little bit, but if you don’t go for a long time, your heels will hurt.

2. Black trousers with ankle length and slight flare at the hem are worth buying

With this length, your feet will have a space from ankle to instep, looking at the whole will look airy, and at the same time will not be criticized as sloppy if you wear flat shoes. Instead of choosing breeches with a bit of dignity and office, pants with a slight flare will be more perfect, you will look younger.

3. Black mini skirt or short skirt too

Summer can’t be without short skirts and shorts, right? You can mix it with a long-sleeve t-shirt, a stylish blouse or a loose-fitting shirt. Besides, instead of wearing doll shoes all the time, try changing the wind with a healthy sneaker. But remember to choose high-waisted pants and skirts!

4. All blazers are easy to hit

This is one of the prerequisites when you want to wear a black shirt or a black combo in the summer. Exposing a part of your arm will help you avoid the risk of being swallowed up in black, creating a feeling of suffocation and suffocation in the hot sun. This blogger is very fond of round neck short-sleeved shirts, moderately comfortable but still polite, can go to places that require politeness and attention.

5. A black bag is equally important

Like shoes, a bag is an accessory worthy of your investment because a beautiful and quality bag will be very durable and can accompany you for many years, so don’t rush to follow it. design, just pay attention to the quality of the bag first. A black bag, with a simple design that is suitable for almost any outfit, style, and still satisfies the desire to “have something black” for your other color outfit.

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