Versace recalls the wonderful summer on Italy’s beaches

Versace has sought to take us straight to Italy for his new swimwear campaign.

Summer is coming and everyone is ready to go to the beach and enjoy the warm weather. Although we have not been able to travel during the covid-19 pandemic, Versace has sought to take us straight to Italy for his new swimwear campaign.

Cleverly named La Vacanza (Italian for “vacation”), Versace’s latest campaign was filmed in Liguria, Italy, home to beautiful and iconic coastal towns such as Portofino and Cinque Terre. With blue skies, Mediterranean coastlines and crystal clear waters as the backdrop of La Vacanza, it’s hard not to ignore everything else and head straight for Italy. But of course, we need something luxurious to wear, so we will pack our suitcases with this latest collection.

If you’re ready to upgrade your swim wardrobe, Versace will help you. La Vacanza has everything from swimwear and silk shirts to beach essentials like towels, robe shirts and even travel mugs. Throughout the entire collection is a characteristic Greca motif combined with ocean-themed motifs such as seashells and starfish. Versace style but make it a beach, if you will.

“With this collection, I wanted to create something interesting to express the spirit of a vacation. We all miss out on travels. We remember the excitement of going somewhere different, meeting friends and sharing experiences,” donatella Versace said.” These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate the summer feeling of endless possibilities.”

A few days before the launch of La Vacanza, Donatella Versace shared a blue Instagram post with blue skies, blue oceans, blue waves.” Through my work, I love coloring the world as much blue as possible,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. She shared that it was her favorite color because it symbolized freedom for her. Then we see more of that blue in the La Vacanza collection just days after Donatella’s original post.

From baroque motifs on Medusa’s head to bright colors, the entire collection is very Versace-style and very summery. As soon as the world becomes safe, you can board your next flight to Italy full of La Vacanza swimsuits.

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