There is a very “burning” Jennie in Paris: Round 1 overflows behind a thin shirt

Showing off her dangerous legs like she’s not wearing pants, Jennie to France this sexy, sexy “out of sauce”!

Jennie in Korea can be very lovely, cute with wavy curly hair and chubby cheeks.
However, when she arrived in Paris, she became a completely different person: sexy, sexy, disruptive, more liberal.
There is a very “burning” Jennie in France, not afraid to show off her body in a series of picky outfits, making people want to go crazy every time the idol “releases photos”.
If it’s not Jennie, no Kpop idol would dare to wear it like this, ladies!
Looking at the close-up photos, you can see how slim and toned Jennie’s body is.
The way to combine a thin nude shirt like it is open, revealing the black bra inside has created an extremely unique Jennie
The photo that makes people “spray nose blood” the most is probably here.
Dangerous pose, helping Jennie show off her “mlem” legs, looking from afar as if she was not wearing pants, making fans fear that the idol would be indiscreet.
But Jennie is always classy, neat and professional in every picture

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