The vice principal has a tattoo on her neck in the historic opening photo

The image of the Vice Principal giving a speech in the middle of the empty schoolyard became the most impressive moment in this year’s opening ceremony.

The most stormy image of the opening ceremony of the school year 2021 – 2022 must include the moment: Vice Principal of Luong The Vin School

The most stormy image of the opening ceremony of the school year 2021 – 2022 must include the moment: The Vice Principal of Luong The Vinh School (Ms. Van Thuy Duong) spoke in the middle of the schoolyard without a single person.

The image made many people choke. There were no students, but the Vice-Principal still strictly organized the ceremony to replay it online for them. “A special opening ceremony, the opening at school where there are only trees, tables and chairs and the classroom door is silent, students can’t go to school yet but we still believe in good things to come in the future!” – she confided.

But this image created mixed opinions when many people looked at the small tattoo on Ms. Van Thuy Duong’s neck. And recently, the teacher officially spoke about this image on her personal page:

“Anything can be controversial. Whether it’s good or bad!

These days, there are many interesting games on the internet, which at first thought were useless, then they made sense. Example: People give you a picture and ask: What do you see first when you see this picture?

They then give you a series of answers and a series of assessments:

-If you see this picture A first, it means you are like this..

  • If you see pictures B or C, D… first you will be like this…
  • Playing a lot is also very true!

Today there is a photo of me taken during the opening ceremony of the 2nd Covid year.

The overall picture is deeply realistic, an opening during the epidemic season, to ensure 5T and ensure the safety of students without losing the atmosphere of the first day of school. We have tried our best to give students a warm and loving opening ceremony with reminders from the teachers themselves. Yet the photo is controversial because of the 1cm2 on my nape!

Many of you have questions, so I would like to introduce the meaning of the symbol on the picture for you to understand.

One of the many meanings of the first six-pointed star is

  1. It’s a special star. We usually like 5-pointed stars and so of course a 6-pointed star is a special star because it is more than a normal 1-pointed star.
  2. One of the very good meanings of the 6-pointed star that I like very much:

The 6-pointed star symbolizes strength, it helps the owner of this form to have boundless power to overcome all dark forces. Simply put, when I have it, I will have more mental strength to overcome all difficulties, all dark forces to succeed, towards purity to have balance in life and lightness in mind. soul.

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