The pretty girl looks like a copy of “Lady Vincenzo”: Her face is beautiful, her style is so good, I don’t know!

Do you think this girl looks like Vincenzo beauty?

The Thailand lookbook model village in recent years has always been filled with new, beautiful and attractive faces. Natcha – a familiar lookbook model in Ha Thanh is one of them. Possessing a slim body, bold Asian face and good fashion gout, she is being viewed by many young people as an inspiration to dress well for reference.

Walking around Natcha’s Instagram, in addition to the smooth #ootd photos, she also worked hard to post selfies, showing off her makeup and hairdo skills. From luxurious earthy pink or nude makeup to outstanding makeup with smooth red lipstick, she is easily conquered.

Looking at the close-up photos of Natcha , many people can’t help but immediately think of Jeon Yeo Bin – the beauty who appeared in the famous Vincenzo drama recently. Indeed, there are many similarities between these two beautiful girls, especially in the eyes, even Natcha is “better” than Yeo Bin when her friend’s face looks much smaller.

Not only the face, Natcha ‘s style is also commented as “akin to” Yeo Bin in Vincenzo. In the movie, Yeo Bin plays the role of a lawyer, so her wardrobe mostly revolves around business suits, shirts, stylized blouses, discreet and polite, sometimes renewing with skewed dresses. more attractive role.

Comparing Natcha’s fashion style, it is easy to see that she also loves to mix suits with shirts. But Natcha has changed a bit when choosing a gilet to combine with a sleeveless organza shirt, evoking retro features or with a dynamic sneaker and cap, not pure office like Yeo Bin in the movie. Black and long dresses with luxurious designs are also often worn by Natcha.

But to say the most similar, it must be mentioned that “the” Reels mix Natcha clothes just posted not long ago. In the video, she shows off her talent to mix blazer with short sleeves with many different items and styles, from elegant to youthful, dynamic are all available.

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