The new sexy beauties of the VTV movie universe confidently become a lingerie model

Chulaluk Yimkaew used to have experience as a photo model since the age of 18, before becoming a young actor of a television station.

Chulaluk Yimkaew used to attend Trade Union University, and has experience in modeling since the age of 18. After that, she turned to acting quite naturally.

The actress, born in 1996, after many years of working with the profession, has built a certain place in the hearts of the audience who love VTV movies. She acted in many hit TV series such as: Running away from youth, Choosing fate, Warm fire…

Despite being an actor, Chulaluk Yimkaew still often takes fashion photos thanks to his beautiful appearance. Recently, on her personal page, she posted behind the scenes of taking lingerie samples for a domestic brand. The balanced body and especially the beautiful 3rd round of Chulaluk Yimkaew help her increase her charm in every photo shoot.

The actress often posts many pictures showing off her body. The outstanding body feature with 3 ideal sizes of more than 90cm of Chulaluk Yimkaew is the dream of many girls. The sexy 3rd round helps her to wear more attractive clothes.

Not only Chulaluk Yimkaew, but many Vietnamese beauties have posted behind-the-scenes moments of fashion photography, sharing with fans. With sexy costumes such as swimwear or lingerie, it is necessary to keep the artist’s private image. Therefore, the shooting space is usually indoors with the setting of a hotel, studio…

With the spirit of professional work, the distance or shyness between the artist and the photographer or people in the team is erased.

Chulaluk Yimkaew shared behind-the-scenes photos, she posed professionally in front of the photographer to take beautiful photos.
Chulaluk Yimkaew wears a swimsuit showing off her sexy figure in front of the cameramen.

In a photo shoot, the working crew includes many different people from photographer, makeup, hairdresser, artist assistant… Therefore, whether the artist is photographed or assisted by a male colleague. shirt is a very common thing. Professional crews will create a foothold in the entertainment world.

Each person has a specific and clear division of work. Therefore, a serious working attitude will be the link that connects and erases the distance between people. Many Vietnamese long legs have experienced, at first, taking pictures, regardless of the style of clothes, have certain shyness. However, the constant intensity of work and the exchange and interaction between people will help the model feel more comfortable and secure.

Chulaluk Yimkaew was taken care of by a male colleague behind the scenes when participating in a beauty contest. She wears a one-piece swimsuit showing off her golden ratio, comfortable when receiving support.

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