The most damaged shirt these days: Making the “speakers” roam around to the music, what trend is that “loss of blood”!

And these are the shirts that make the wearer more “hot” than ever.

Strapless shirt – item is not known when it was born but has become an item for sisters and children to wear to show off their shoulders, show off their collarbones, but also to show off their breasts with a deeper chest groove than the abyss. Saying new is not new, but this style of shirt is still “addicted” by women. And today, that item was once again honored thanks to a series of clips on TikTok.

If anyone takes the time to watch, there is a trend that makes a lot of people “sneeze” because of their boldness. Under the dance music background, the girls wore strapless tops, crop tops or tank tops that were airy, cool, and very fabric-saving so that their bodies swayed comfortably to the tune.

But the most remarkable thing is their sexy “speaker” image as if they were in tune with the music! I don’t understand what the creator of this dance means, but who can stand it if the participants are hot like this!

tieu_hyhy26 is probably the first girl to make this trend rise. Beautiful face shimmering hot body startling, she is the one who inspired the “bad” shirt.

No color, no shirt, she wears tight pants and a strapless shirt with only 2 colors black and white. At this angle, viewers really can’t take their eyes off each part of the body dancing jubilantly like the main character’s New Year’s Day.
Be bolder, more liberal when wearing a pokemon shirt and immersing yourself in the music. Pokémon isn’t bad, but thanks to her, it’s more than 1’ss.

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