The girl bought 2 pounds of grapes to debut but was shocked by the boy’s family’s attitude, the way he handled the new lover

The attitude of her boyfriend’s family made this girl disappointed.

Debuting to a boyfriend’s house is definitely one of the “doors” that make girls have the most headaches and effort.

Because the first impression is very important, the girl team always needs to pay attention to every inch, from the way of dressing, makeup to behavior habits and how to show the housework talent accordingly.
However, no matter how carefully prepared, unexpected incidents still occur regularly.
For example, recently, a girl made a TikTok video telling the story of her first debut in life. It did not go well, and the cause came from the small gift that the girl brought to her boyfriend’s parents.
The girl recounts her debut memory so that her life attracts up to 2 million views
Accordingly, this girl said that when she went home to her ex-boyfriend’s family, even though she was still a student without money, the girl still tried to buy 2 pounds of grapes at the supermarket to give to her boyfriend’s parents.
When she met her boyfriend’s mother, the girl presented: “I don’t know what my family likes, so I bought some grapes to give to the two of you”. Thinking that the aunt would thank her, but no, her boyfriend’s mother just replied indifferently: “Yes, leave it to me”.
Not stopping there, throughout that day, her boyfriend’s mother was not at all welcoming to her. Instead of asking about her son’s girlfriend, this mother only focused on talking to her two sons.
The next day, the girl actively texted her boyfriend to ask about her visit yesterday, if her boyfriend’s parents were upset with her.
As a result, the boyfriend answered a “green” question that shocked the girl: “Next time you come to my house to play, don’t buy grapes, because my mother doesn’t like to eat grapes and my family doesn’t like to eat them either.
I bought your house to stay outside, so it’s broken now.”

The boyfriend’s answer made the girl disappointed. It is known that after that day, due to disagreement, the two also broke up. Posting her story on social networks, the girl hopes to receive advice and share from the online community. She also questioned whether her boyfriend’s family is from the city and she is from the province, so the two sides’ behavior is so different.

Below the comment section, most netizens think that the girl’s decision to break up is extremely correct. Because the way her boyfriend’s family behaves, it can be seen that from the beginning, they were not satisfied with her, that’s why they found a way to make it difficult. Besides, the fact that her boyfriend instead of protecting her followed her parents and commented on the gift she gave her showed that he did not really love her.

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