The female commando lieutenant made the whole dating show admiring because she was so beautiful and shy when she was “fragrant” marshal.

The first time he met Thu Hien, Tuan Minh was “stuck” in front of the lovely appearance of the lieutenant.

At the program You Want to Date a special number for professional soldiers, the matchmaker made a charm for the couple lieutenant Thu Hien (born in 1997), currently working as a military medical officer at station 77 of the Ministry of Defense. Commanding General and construction engineer Tuan Minh (born in 1994). After this issue was broadcast, netizens showed interest in the young couple because they both have outstanding looks.

Right from the first moments of appearance, Thu Hien’s beautiful beauty made the whole studio admire and whisper. Dressed in a neat blue military uniform combined with a neat high bun, the lieutenant made viewers unable to take their eyes off.

It is known that Thu Hien is a person with an active personality, enthusiastic at work, or helping others, but is quite shy. This is reflected in the fact that she is quite confused and shy on stage.

The similarity of the couple is that they both experienced a love affair when they were in high school.

In particular, Tuan Minh was surprised when he revealed that it was not even an official relationship, just a one-sided love on his part.

His honesty and innocence made the audience burst into laughter.

Tuan Minh is impressed by his bright appearance, honest and somewhat shy personality.

After the secret curtain was lifted, Tuan Minh had to “stand still” because the female lead’s appearance was more than he expected. He even watched her without taking his eyes off, causing MC Nam Thu to tease her.

In the process of finding out, the couple was constantly “pushed the boat” by MC Quyen Linh, facilitating contact with each other. Tuan Minh also boldly approached to ask to hold Thu Hien’s hand, making the matchmaker very interested.

In the end, the couple clicked the button to give each other the opportunity to learn and date in the joy of both MCs and their families. They also officially exchanged a kiss on stage before walking hand in hand. This moment made viewers “fall apart” at the loveliness of the couple.

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