Summer of paradise and summer of disaster are not far apart if you keep wearing the wrong items

Say goodbye to disastrous summers with this “oops” costume error right now!

The topic of fEven though they know it’s hot in the summer, that doesn’t mean that women leave it to these body-cooling clothes without worrying about being hot like this. Here are some common summer outfit mistakes that you should avoid lest the disastrous summers last forever!

Vibrant colors make you stand out in summer photos, but to be honest, if you don’t have a talent for playing with a great color palette, you will look more or less like the countryside! In order not to be the joke of this hot season, keep yourself with easier colors, and don’t forget about neutral items to balance the set.

Corner skirts are cool, but if they’re open like this, they’ll burn the eyes of passersby! Not to mention, whispers can’t make you cooler on summer days, please put away community challenge items like this. Instead, boldly choose the following revealing, beautiful, and noble items!

The thinner the material, the cooler it is, thinking about it hurts the armpits, but if you don’t want to be called her name, please keep these types of clothes in crowded places. Not to mention, this type of outfit, if you don’t choose lingerie subtly, you will easily become less luxurious. If you’re into thin/lightweight clothes, try mixing them with lingerie or crop tops of the same color!

It’s time, you should say hello and not see you again with these super short shorts. It’s difficult to move, it’s difficult to move, and it’s a bit of a betrayal to show off all the bad points for the people of the world. Instead, try these mezzanine shorts that are making the rounds!

The ruffled outfits make the banh beo girls as sweet as the muse, but not this summer… They will become luscious, mysterious and make your look suddenly cheesy a few times. jewel. Learn how to give up so you don’t have a disastrous summer. Or if you can’t give up, you can try softer items.

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