Such an explosive debut but aespa always has to act without an audience

Aespa has had sad feelings about always having to act alone on stage since debut.

The clip Artist On The Rise: aespa, which was just posted on October 12 on YouTube, has received great attention from fans.
Here, the 4 SM girls shared about the pre-debut process, getting to know each other and other stories surrounding the group’s activities.
In particular, aespa’s confession about always having to perform alone made fans feel regretful.
Specifically, aespa said that there are many differences before debut and now.
Launched in 2020 – the time when the Covid-19 epidemic began to arise, the social distancing was applied, making music stages empty of audiences.
Because of this, the 4 SM girls have never heard the audience cheer and chant their names on stage.
aespa always has to act without an audience – this is something the group never thought of.
Due to the epidemic, from Black Mamba, Next Level to Savage, aespa always had to record on music shows without audiences.
Even at the SM TOWN LIVE CULTURAL HUMANITY concert in 2020, aespa first appeared in the company’s star-gathering event, but could not fully feel this feeling of happiness.
The concert was broadcast live and without an audience.
This makes the girls feel sad and confused when they lack the authentic feeling of an idol on stage.

It is not easy to perform on stage without the enthusiastic cheers of the audience who love you. For aespa when having to debut in difficult conditions, as an idol who has never been directly supported and cheered by the audience, the girls have indeed suffered a lot.

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