Strong fashion inspiration from the card more than 100 years ago

Welcoming the fall of 2021, Louis Vuitton has launched a collection that is crystallized from the living art of “people who like to move”.

Bringing the spirit of adventure, love to conquer and “go in the clouds to the wind”
With a luxurious arrogance but also full of a free spirit of adventure, Louis Vuitton always brings to the public masterpieces that blend between Classic features and unique modernity.
Its Fall 2021 collection is a testament to the outstanding creativity of a long-standing luxury brand.
Poetry in Louis Vuitton’s designs
Considered a “pagan from street culture”, Virgil Abloh – a talented designer has brought his dusty features into this collection.
The collection was inspired by a New Year’s card written by the grandson of the founder of Louis Vuitton in 1914. On the card, he hand-painted an Expressionist bouquet on a checkerboard pattern.
It is also the handwriting “Marque L.Vuitton Đéposée” interwoven with the iconic Damier motif that also becomes a subtle touch for the designs.
You can see the appearance of a prominent turquoise color in this collection
Louis Vuitton’s large bags with classic motifs evoke the spirit of traveling and love to conquer new skies.
The signature brown color of the brand and also the color of autumn is an indispensable color in this collection
Designers focus on suits with sharp cuts and standard forms, in addition to sporty designs with beautiful blue colors.
Besides, the leather material is also handled very firmly.
Another special feature is that the details are varied through textures, colors or 3D printing techniques, showing the uniqueness of Sac Plat, Trio Messenger, Keepall bags…
Not in the form of rigid suits, the costumes from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2021 Collection carry the living art of “people who like to move”
People who love to travel everywhere carry luxury in their veins

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