Stars “discharge” to attend the Met Gala after-party

In the after-party of the Met Gala 2021, the stars have shed their heavy clothes and are more comfortable. If you think the Met Gala is over, you’re wrong, we still have another party called “Met Gala After-party”, which translates into Vietnamese as “Met Gala after party”, this event is not.

As majestic as the Met Gala but also attracted a lot of people’s attention. This year Rihanna will host this party, if you’re curious who she invited, scroll down to see!

After a very successful red carpet battle, Kendall showed off her best with a red dress with a big bow on the back, and the model also mixed high-heeled sandals, clutch and red lipstick for ton sur ton.

In addition to her long legs, people also held their breath for Kendall when they saw that the first bust was too tight in that lovely dress.

Following Kendall Jenner is Justin Bieber and his wife. While Hailey scored with a pretty dress and cute face, Justin was still the same: “hip-hop never die, pants are never wrong”

Making people extremely curious when spending hours on makeup but ended up being sealed on the red carpet, “Kim super round 2” at the Met Gala after party took off her veil, revealing thick lips with lipstick. but she is still determined not to show all of her face, still has to wear more sunglasses to bear it

But she is still determined not to show all of her face, still has to wear more sunglasses to bear it.

After “covering the blanket” with her boyfriend Asap Rocky on the red carpet, Rihanna changed to another set of black t-shirts and cool see-through skirts to host her party, the guy Asap even outperformed his girlfriend. When I wear a pink sweater and add a fur scarf, it’s also pink

Rosé’s outfit when attending the dinner party is not much different from the outfit on the red carpet or the event she usually attends, and obviously this outfit comes from the Saint Laurent brand.

Kaia Gerber left the red carpet seemed more bold with a lovely see-through lace dress, alongside her boyfriend Jacob Elordi, he wore a comfortable outfit with jeans, a white tank-top and a short-sleeved black shirt. outside

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