Seeing Wendy’s piercing is so cool that fans love it but the story behind it is quite heartbreaking

You may not know it, but Wendy is also one of the most pierced Korean idols.

To talk about the beauties with the most piercings in Kpop, Wendy is definitely on the list. You may not know, but counting the mist up to now, she has pierced about 10 holes on both ears already.

The many piercings have partly helped Wendy look more personality and cool, even when she wears the most dainty outfits. It can be said that earrings are one of the expensive accessories that make Wendy’s style more interesting.

But the real reason why Wendy gets pierced so many times is not because she wants to rebel or deliberately play, but simply because Wendy is stressed. This has been told by Wendy herself to fans. Whenever she was so stressed that she couldn’t find a way out, she would go for a piercing, as a way to help herself relax a bit.

Seeing Wendy getting piercings like this, fans are really fascinated but when everyone knows the reason behind it, it’s heartbreaking…

So every time I look at her ear, I feel pain.

  • Having a lot of piercings can make people look too aggressive. Looking so holy, only Son Wendy can do it.
  • But piercing really helps reduce stress.
  • Because don’t judge people by their appearance, Wendy pierces her ears a lot but she’s gentle, delicate and kind, darling.

-I still have to admit that Wendy’s piercing is really pretty.

-Huhu the aura looks so good, I’m in love

  • It’s not exaggerated, but it’s beautiful.

Jieese Lee

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