Rhea With Unique bikini embodies the “mobile bomb” body of a Korean Gymer

Rhea is a Korean fitness trainer, she known for her bold fashion style.

There are no shortage of girls on social networks who receive attention thanks to their beauty and taste.

Rhea is a beautiful Korean social network with 250 thousand followers on Instagram @godrhea. It is known that she is a fitness trainer. In addition, the beauty also sells fitness equipment, swimwear and functional foods. Although not a celebrity, Rhea still receives the attention of netizens.

It is known that she is a fitness trainer and also expands business in clothing and functional foods.

Possessing a beautiful face with a standard body, Rhea can wear any type of outfit beautifully. She also works as a model to advertise the swimwear and bikini that she does business. Beauty impresses with a variety of fashion styles that are equally daring.

The beauty owns a diverse collection of swimsuits with a dangerous design that is quite picky.

Rhea owns a collection of exotic swimsuits with dangerous designs that not everyone dares to wear. The idea can not change swimsuits because this item is inherently fabric-saving, but in fact, they are constantly being renewed to the extent that people expect.

There are still many ways to change swimsuits even though their designs are inherently fabric-saving, seemingly impossible to renew.

Small string bikinis to open swimsuits

The beauty wears from small string bikinis to open swimsuits in the middle of the bust. She also chose the style of deep armpit or high hips. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the four-sided cut swimsuit style. They seem to be only for people who possess a beautiful body like Rhea.

Tight, stretchy leggings are suitable to wear when exercising because they do not interfere with human movement.

In terms of training gear, Rhea mainly chooses leggings with crotop shirts or sports bra. Not only wears when going to practice, she also confidently wears leggings down the street. Legging items are very popular in Korea and appear popular in parks, shopping malls, streets, …

Should controversial leggings be worn outside like any other pants?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this type of tight pants. Some people insist that they should only be worn when exercising. They are too flattering and offensive to wear in public, crowded. Even wearing arbitrary leggings is also considered “nude”.

There are times when she wears wide, dynamic sports outfits like this.

Rhea’s everyday style is more diverse, when she wears sports items such as t-shirts, sweater, at other times she wears jeans, a shoulder-length shirt or other “Sweet” shirts. Beautiful people do not always dress boldly but still show a youthful and moderate image.

Some of Top Image on her Instagram.

So Beautiful body from a gymer
She regularly shares photos on Instagram and receives a lot of attention from fans

Image from Instagram Rhea

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