Revealing the “full uncovered” version of the G-Dragon sneaker that is about to be sold, netizens immediately turned the car around

It is expected that G-Dragon’s new super shoe will cause a storm at the beginning of next year. Following the success of Para-Noise, this year G-Dragon continues to collaborate with Nike – the world’s sneaker giant to launch KWONDO1, a more stylish version of the traditional Air Force 1. But at first, if only looking at the teaser photos of the owner, many people were a bit disappointed, until they were able to look at the zoomed image carefully.

As can be seen, the spirit of the Nike Air Force 1 remains the same, but with Brogues embossed lines all over the shoe body or the sole engraved with the chrysanthemum logo, you will see that the image of PEACEMINUSONE or G-Dragon is also quite present clear.

This is indeed a very basic, youthful but stylish shoe.

The shape of the shoe on the foot also looks very stable.
Moreover, because it is completely covered in white, it will easily match any style.
Compared to Para-Noise, maybe KWONDO1 is not as colorful, but in terms of applicability, it will probably be better. This is definitely G-Dragon’s calculation too.
The thing that bothers people the most when looking at the previous teaser images is that the reed part printed with the PEACEMINUSONE logo has also been answered.

It’s actually a flexible removable tongue, so you won’t need to worry anymore, we can arbitrarily adjust it to suit each person’s taste.

After seeing the full design of KWONDO1, Vietnamese netizens suddenly “turned the car” and gave more compliments to these shoes, not as strict as before.

If nothing changes, it is likely that this super product will be released on January 9, 2022 with the original price of $ 180 – 200 (VND 4 – 4.5 million) but whether you can buy it or not, it remains to be seen. your luck already.

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