Really rich people don’t always have money in their pockets, but have 4 “top secret” mindsets and perceptions that they always carry!

Do not think that the current amount of money is enough for you to live happily for a lifetime without further learning. Wise money is always kept by capable people, once you go backward with the times, when unexpected problems occur, it will not be able to keep it, even mountains of gold will fall!

Recently, a group of old friends in the group discussed the topic of freedom and wealth. Many people complain that today there are too many rich people who “break the wall”, while they are still poor no matter how hard they work!

In fact, wealth also has many concepts. On another level, wealth is not only in terms of assets, but also in terms of thinking and perception.

That’s why there is a saying: The gap between the rich and the poor lies in different thinking.

The truly rich will know to seize the opportunity every time, for them the knowledge and experience they learn are much more important than the wealth accumulated in their pockets.

Put your money in the “quiet pocket”, don’t brag everywhere

A rich businessman once said: “I like to make money, and I am also very good at making money, because money can decide whether I have a choice or not!”

People who like to show off their branded goods or precious jewelry are usually only rich in appearance. In fact, their lives are very poor or have little money.

Mr. Bay, 48 years old, is my next-door neighbor and has worked diligently in a state-owned enterprise for many years.

Two years ago, when I saw leaders and partners driving luxury cars, buying villas for tens of billions of dollars. Mr. Bay is often disgruntled thinking that he is also a manager, but he has nothing in his hand. He is almost 50 years old and is about to retire and will not earn any more money.

So he embarked on the path of online gambling. After 3 months, Mr. Bay owed nearly a billion silver. The money saved so far suddenly disappeared. He was fired early from the unit.

Under various pressures, Mr. Bay had to bow his head to reality, quickly throwing away his face to borrow money from friends and acquaintances to pay debts.

Because of their love of fame, love of comparison, flaunting, and frivolous things, many people like Mr. Bay have fallen into a miserable situation.

You think that other people looking at you will be jealous of what you show, bragging about it. But in reality they don’t care.

For the really rich, money is not something to brag about, because this is just “external material” used for everyday life.

Rich people only think of making money to have more options. Money is a source of confidence, not a tool to show off.

Take good control of yourself, then enjoy life properly

Thomas J.Stanley conducted a survey of the rich and discovered that more than half of the rich have never bought a watch worth more than 5 billion.

Because from a personal point of view, they think that a watch is just a tool to check the time, buy enough to use it.

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