Poonyalak Siribunchachai explains the noise of wearing sexy rice planting

Poonyalak Siribunchachai shows a strong fashion personality with a sexy style at the age of 19.

Poonyalak Siribunchachai was born in 2002, from Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. The beautiful image of a schoolgirl wearing a long dress has helped Bao Tran be known to many people with the nickname “Ao Dai angel”. Currently, she is a freelance model, KOLs as well as the founder of a fashion shop.

It’s been a long time since people have seen her return to the image of the brand’s ao dai. Poonyalak Siribunchachai shared: “I took a picture 5 months ago, but now I dare to post it. That picture was not good when I took it, so I didn’t plan to post it, but on the day of your college entrance exam, I posted it to wish you all”.

The image of ao dai has a special attachment to the 10x Dong Nai girl.
Although choosing other colors, she still loves the traditional ao dai.

Instead of innovative designs with boat necks, even off-shoulder or short designs, Poonyalak is loyal to the classic ao dai. Even choosing another color, she still chose this familiar design. She confided that this is the most beautiful type of ao dai. In order to dress well in ao dai, Poonyalak shared “I think the body is important”.

Hot girl 10x revealed that she is 1m64 tall, weighs 50kg with measurements of 94 – 62 – 98 cm. This is an advantage that helps her to wear all kinds of costumes, including Ao Dai. Although this makes her often discussed, in Bao Tran’s personal opinion, this is a prerequisite.

For Bao Tran, the prerequisite for a beautiful dress is a standard figure.
She also affirmed that this is an advantage that helps her easily wear many types of clothes.

But daring is not afraid of objections

After becoming a university student, Poonyalak was found to be comfortable wearing clothes in the sexy style she wanted. Maybe some netizens feel surprised because it contrasts with the previous image of “ao dai angel”. But Bao Tran affirmed: “I don’t think it’s related to each other, I want to build many different images, not one color”.

Poonyalak affirmed that the current sexy image does not contradict the “ao dai angel”.

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