Non mango suggests you a series of lovely autumn clothes at reasonable prices, all of which are full sets and instant skirts for lazy teams to mix clothes.

Many items are on sale, only from 200k you can already buy them. The weather is starting to get cooler, Mango Non suggests some long skirts and outfits suitable for this weather. In particular, most of them have “okela” prices.

With 200k, you have bought a “em” simple, standard Korean style skirt.
Long dresses with simple designs are suitable for summer or autumn.
Add a lovely one-piece dress suggested by Mango Non. The dress is priced at 271k.
The whole stylish wool suit is only 375k. There are colors like purple, black, white, green for you to choose.
She praised this set of clothes because it was so beautiful. This set has a sweet pink color, luxurious material and is priced at 553k.
This set of skirts and shirts has the original price of more than 920k but now the sale is only 646k.

Those who like short blazers and body-contouring skirts should “pick up” this set. You can also buy it retail, calculate about 300k / item.

The whole set includes jacket, two-piece top and skirt on sale. The suit is currently priced at 730k.

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