No need to wait for an important event, every day Thunsuda Kemkulwanich wears billions of jewelry

Looking at the price of Thunsuda Kemkulwanich’s jewelry makes me want to faint!

“Shopping for branded goods is like going to the market to buy vegetables” is the exact description for the 4 beautiful girls of Thunsuda Kemkulwanich. The special thing is that the girls always wear jewelry sets that are much more expensive than clothes. And without waiting to attend important events or take pictorials, in real life, the girls have worn a series of expensive jewelry sets. So out of the 4 girls, who is the biggest player? Please scroll down to get the answer.

Recently, Jennie made the fans “gossip” when she knew the price of her pretty little belly strap. Fans are sure that the price is also “friendly”, but “em” it costs more than 70 million VND

Earlier in the Instagram story she posted and the outfit at the airport when she returned from the US, Jennie once again opened up fans’ eyes with two beautiful rings in the shape of a bird and an eye costing nearly 240 million VND.

Another time, fans saw Thunsuda’s jewelry set including necklaces and rings costing nearly 30 million dong
With only 2 beautiful bracelets, Thunsuda made fans “match” when she knew that the total value of “em” was more than 78 million VND.
Wearing a cut-out black shirt, showing off her healthy body, the focus is not on Lisa but on a set of necklaces and rings that cost about 40 million VND.
Another time, the youngest Thunsuda Kemkulwanich “cut the hearts” of fans when wearing a very cute beret hat, but the price of 75 million VND of this lovely four-leaf flower necklace and bow set is not very cute…
Your gout is full of small and fragile things, but the price after listening to it just wants to be “flat”, the total set of this Bvlgari ambassador is more than 798 million, everyone.
Thunsuda Kemkulwanich opened her jewelry cabinet with a set of necklaces and earrings from Cartier at a light price of about 253 million VND.

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