No longer an “insolent rich kid”, how is Seok Kyung’s hairstyle in 3 seasons of Penthouse?

It can be said that the hairstyle also makes a great contribution to expressing the personality of the character Seok Kyung.

Although it has come to an end, although there are still many controversies, Penthouse has also achieved certain successes. The film marks an important milestone for the young actors playing the role of “Hera kids” in the film, in which the most prominent one is the “insolent rich kid” Ju Seok Kyung played by actress Han Ji Hyun.

In season 1, Seok Kyung impresses with her long curly hair, gently curls and flutters, letting the long bangs meet the eyes, the overall look shows a rich lady who has been taken care of her appearance carefully but far away. way, difficult to approach, even hide a part of personality or jealousy, intrigue behind.

With the shock of losing her mother, so in part 2, the character Seok Kyung cut off the princess’s rattan hair that was the pride of mother and daughter to come up with a cool bob hairstyle. No longer wearing bangs, many emotional changes are evident on Seok Kyung’s face, at the same time, she also changes her style, wearing darker, more personal outfits.

Cloudy hair stream helps Seok Kyung look like a princess, but the straight bob hairstyle and flat bangs are the perfect choice for her to show her arrogant, careless spirit.

In the last episodes, when Seok Kyung had converted to a regular style, she no longer looked at the sky but understood and sympathized, the stylist let her curl her hair slightly, creating a moderate tangle to look natural, the bangs. The sides are also very cute, in addition, there is a light orange lipstick color and a “work” suit, so Seok Kyung looks so gentle.

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