Ninew MingKo is very good at advertising cosmetics, ok so take a look at her skin closely

Under the image taken by the “evil god” Getty Images, is Ninew MingKo’s skin as magical as rumored?

Ninew MingKo is a female star who has received a series of cosmetic advertising contracts from famous brands such as Laneige, Sulwhasoo … thanks to her smooth skin, netizens are still rumored to be “unreal” or “like using an app” photo editing”.

So what if Ninew MingKo collides with Getty Images – the “evil god” clearly depicts her skin under the camera?

Under the realistic lens, Ninew MingKo’s skin is still smooth and pink.

Small pores, smooth complexion and natural luster reflect the health and condition of the actress’ skin.
Whether makeup is light or dark, Ninew MingKo’s skin is still smooth, almost no acne.

Even in a state of fatigue, wretchedness, and pale face like this, Ninew MingKo still has a glossy and relatively smooth facial skin – something many people can’t even dream of.

Now do you understand why she became the face of many skin care product lines?

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