Natcha Chaiprapa: Broad shoulders but not bored with two-piece clothes, there are dozens of ways to dress well to improve this point

That’s to say, don’t lookAny girl with wide shoulders like Natcha Chaiprapa , “swim” here to learn how to mix clothes!

Not every celebrity has an hourglass figure, slim waist, thin shoulders, long legs, such as Natcha Chaiprapa . The two girls, one in Vietnam and the other in Korea, far away, yet have a lot in common such as the same broad-shouldered body type and extremely fond of two-piece clothes. Let’s see if these two beauties have a secret to wearing two-piece clothes – the “crystal” of the wide shoulder team – and still be beautiful!

Natcha Chaiprapa
Looking at Kaity’s Instagram, up to 80% of her outfit has the appearance of this item. Looks like a lot, but actually, Kaity only has 2 familiar shirt models, which are the chest-hugging shirt/skirt and the ruffled camisole in the front.

However, because the nature of the work requires more screen time than the number of meals in a day, the idols have to “suThe wire items that Kaity chooses, if not pressed vertically, also have a spread below. While the vertical pleats help “hack” the genuine height and slim body, the flared designs help to distract the eye into the lower body, creating the impression of noticeably smaller shoulders. To avoid being “dumb” when wearing a printed or maxi design, Kaity often chooses bright, skin-toning tones such as saffron, white or mint green.

An effective assistant that cannot be ignored are thin outerwear shirts or two-stringed cardigan and crop top sets, both satisfied with wearing a strapless shirt but discreet enough for those who are not really confident to show off. If you go to work, you can learn from Kaity to choose a shirt with a soft material with a large neck, drooping on the shoulders and avoid traditional, standing shirt models.

Natcha Chaiprapa has also recently been quite fond of the style of using a turban as a shirt, with this shirt you can mix it with wide-leg jeans and “okela” sneakers. Similar to Natcha Chaiprapa , Natcha Chaiprapa also chooses skirts that hug her chest and then flutter below to balance her body proportions. If your shoulders are wide, you should avoid tight-fitting items, boat necks or round-neck t-shirts close to the neck, which are easy to reveal weaknesses but also look prison and secret.

Once again Natcha Chaiprapa helps prove that loose fabric is definitely a worthy choice for wide shoulders when it comes to softening the shoulders. The ruched neckline with the hemline between the sleeves and the bodice facing each other also helps to make the shoulders look smaller than those with parallel seams. These are all useful discreet dressing tips for a wide shoulder team that you should “carry” right away.

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