“Nang Quyen” wears a short shirt and poses freely – fashion trends

Nang Quyen is known for her role as a model, a fairly diverse actor in Vietnamese showbiz. However, in recent years, the beauty of Nang Quyen origin has suspended showbiz activities to focus on her personal business. Although she rarely appears at entertainment events, on her personal page, “Miss Quyen” still regularly shares pictures of her life and receives a lot of attention from fans.

Possessing a body close to the “golden” measurement, the beauties of the Nang Quyen family often prefer to wear sexy costumes to maximize their physical advantages. – fashion trends

Most recently, she once again made viewers blush because of her inherent bold fashion sense. In the photo, she wears a home outfit of short pants and a crop top t-shirt showing off the ant’s waist. It would not be worth mentioning if the shirt was not too frugal, making the wearer feel like he was about to reveal his chest.

As a famous sexy beauty of the Vietnamese entertainment industry, she always knows how to stay ahead of fashion trends, regardless of whether she is sometimes considered “overplaying” or “too sexy”… Nang Quyen once shared about my fashion style: “Actually, because my personality is also a strong person, the previous image people see will have a bit of personality. But over the past years, I have had time to reflect on myself, life, choosing the things that are right for me… naturally, my body softens, slows down, and matures, but no matter what, I can’t hide the inherent sexy have his own”.

fashion trends by Nang QUyen

Crop top revealing underbood is not a new item, but very few beauties dare to wear it. It originates from Hollywood beauties with the intention of showing off their body as well as a bold fashion style to attract the eyes of the viewer.

The open-breasted shirt style is in fashion, but how to dress elegantly, beautifully and to suit the eyes of the real person is a difficult problem.
Although it is difficult to match the eyes of the viewer, this is a fashion trend that is a combination of croptop and underboob, just to reveal the chest.
Nang Quyen again chose this glove-like short shirt mixed with a bikini to go to the beach.
Nang Quyen also caught the trend quite successfully with this rather sensitive shirt.

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