More and more boldly dressed, Wanfaii Wansiri is booed for being too lovely

Wanfaii Wansiri’s latest images are controversial because she “abuses” over-dressing, easily losing the image of “doll lady” in the hearts of fans.

Wanfaii Wansiri is one of the female model who has received a lot of love from the audience not only thanks to her cult hits, but also impressed by her beautiful beauty and sexy body.

Befriended by her personality, Wanfaii Wansiri scored with a charming fashion sense that was no less fashionable. Thanks to the advantage of her beautiful appearance, she is not afraid to wear “adventurous” cut-out outfits, making the most of her physical beauty.

Beautiful, good singer, the singer also regularly participates in a number of entertainment programs as a guest and receives much love from the audience. In particular, in the program “Whose voice is it?”, the singer was also joked by Luis: “I love it, is there any way to buy it and raise it?” Immediately, she also responded extremely witty: “Buy something, you lie. Have you ever come to my restaurant to eat and I give you a discount?”

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Possessing a powerful voice, with a haircut that has become a trademark, she is not only impressed by cult hits but also has an impressive and fashionable style from the stage to the real life.

Recently, the beautiful Model continues to make the online community “wake up” when showing off her body in a white bodysuit with sur tone and socks, creating an overall that is both harmonious and impressive but extremely attractive. Under the comment section of the post, many netizens praised the singer’s sweet beauty. However, some others said that She is increasingly “abusing” the sexy dress to show off her figure, if she does not know how to restrain herself, it is easy to lose the image of “lady doll” in the hearts of fans.

However, the latest pictures posted by her on her personal page are controversial because of “abusing” too sexy clothes, it is easy to lose the image of “doll lady” in the hearts of fans. .

“Celebrities wear sexy clothes like that, they lose all image”, “If you wear sexy clothes, keep the image of a lady doll, don’t abuse your image!”, “I’m frugal these days. fabric”, “I liked Wanfaii very much at first, but lately I find it too revealing”,… many people commented.

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