Looking at the thorny cactus around, who would have thought it could be eaten?!

The cactus is full of thorns, but the girl eats it raw, unexpectedly it is a “superfood” in many countries around the world.

So far, if it comes to cacti, many people will only think that it is a plant used for decoration, even growing so much that there are places that have to find a way to destroy.
But have you ever thought that cacti can be eaten, even eaten raw?
The clip below will surprise you!
This clip was posted by a girl with the content: “Why didn’t I know this dish sooner!”.
That is the dish of cactus dipped in chili salt.
It is not clear who showed it, but the girl went home to pick a cactus branch, peel off the spines and thin skin with a knife, then mix white salt with green chili for dipping.
And it seems that she was too surprised by the deliciousness of this dish, so she ate it all, and also had to wonder why she didn’t know about this unique dish sooner.
In fact, in Vietnam, there are also places that use cactus to eat, but because it is not popular, not everyone knows.
But in some countries around the world, it is also considered a “superfood”.
Specifically, the rabbit-ear cactus, which has thin, flattened branches, is used in some regions of Latin America, European countries…
According to research by experts, they contain a lot of antioxidants, helping to prevent many diseases, while reducing stress, fatigue and can even aid in weight loss.

According to the Daily Mail’s statistics, there are currently more than 350 dishes made from cactus plants made by people around the world such as cactus salad, cactus fried with garlic, cactus salad, bone juice. dragon… Sounds weird right?

The immense benefits of cactus.

Source: Compilation, @chaukieumy2k

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