Listen to the shop owner tell a terrible story: If only I knew sooner, I would not have missed a series of unique items!

It’s not like you can’t use it every mistake, you guys have changed it to a very good one.

In recent years, the trend of hunting for secondhand goods has become stronger and stronger. There is no longer the concept of wearing clothes, cheap clothes like giving, si clothes also “have this there is that” and wearing si clothes has now become a passion of many people. Looking at the outfits that young people mix with 2hand clothes, how are they so good, so is there any secret to buying items like that?

To answer this question, please immediately refer to To Nga Nguyen’s guide to hunting for silos – a player of the si system for nearly 10 years. Not only is she a true 2hand junkie, Nga also opened her own shop selling fake goods.

The reason why Russia is so passionate about stupid things is because of its uniqueness and difference. “It’s a girl, everyone who doesn’t like me is the only one” – her friend shared. When she was a student, Nga used to go hunting at Tran Huu Trang and Ban Co markets with her sister. Those were the days of passion and enthusiasm to buy 2hand goods that the two sisters only had time to have breakfast and then dive in the sea of maps for the rest of the day. Each model has only 1 piece, so it’s normal to go all day to find 1-2 items you like.

Around the time when he joined the world of stupid people, Russia was also “a novice” like many people. Having no experience in choosing clothes, Russia at that time took the risk to buy leather shoes and heels after less than a month of use. Later, with more experience, she knew how to choose items, distinguish the newness and durability of the items, so the items brought home were also very satisfied.

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