Lan Ngoc wears a local brand of nearly 2 million beautiful clothes, anyone who loves an outfit like her can “close the order” from only 300k

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has just uploaded a picture of a tree with a beautiful babydoll camisole. White design with wide spread shape, extremely “iu” flower embroidery.

Women who want to stay at home are still as beautiful as Lan Ngoc, buy a lovely set here:

Many shops also have similar wide camisole styles. Designs like this help women show off their slim shoulders and lovely back.

Camisole for lovely plaid girls.

Very fancy blue color will definitely make your wardrobe richer.

This shirt is so beautiful when bought in virtual life.

This shirt is so beautiful when bought in virtual life.

This organza chain bib is suitable for both personality and cake.

Vietnamese star’s local brand clothes have just worn: Many super beautiful beo dishes, extremely “quiet” prices from only 200k

Buying a tank top like Jun Vu in the summer is also a good suggestion. This is a cool, easy-to-wear shirt style, and at the same time gives you a dynamic and youthful look.

Genuine “banh beo” girls should imitate Linh Ka to buy a charming sleeveless shirt. Combine it with a short skirt, you will have a beautiful combo right away.

No less than her sister, Amee also dressed up in the local brand’s feminine layered off-shoulder top and mixed with wide-leg jeans, creating a young, beautiful and gentle appearance.

Meanwhile, Sun Ht favors the striking yellow oversized two-piece dress. This style of dress that is not picky is definitely an item that is difficult to ignore because it is comfortable to wear in the summer, and any girl can easily “weigh”.

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