Kusuma Ma does not hesitate to admit that he “upgraded” round 1

Kusuma Ma did not hesitate to admit that he “upgraded” the first round. After that, she confidently wears more sexy outfits.

Kusuma Ma pursues sexy, elegant image and especially loves non-lingerie style.

Many times, Kusuma Ma wears shirts in a non-closed style showing off the 1st round sparkling behind the dresses.
She is beautiful in a simple two-strap dress but has a deep V-neck design as a highlight.
The bikini-clad beauty hugged the first round with a silk top that added a chic look.
Like other model, She also likes to wear shirts and has these familiar costume variations.
Fashion style Model Kusuma
It can be seen that after 7 years, She is improving in terms of image including fashion style.
Kusuma Model

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