Korean stars are obsessed with braided hair these days, if they don’t look like a muse, they will also “hack” their super age

Surfing around Instagram of Korean stars ensures you will see this hairstyle right away.

If one fine day you suddenly want to do something new for your hair, not loose naturally, not permed, not straightened, nor dyed, and especially not risking a short cut, Korean stars’ braided hairstyle is sure. would be an ideal choice. Easy to do, but adding a few muse points, some youthful points should not be ignored, sisters.

Possessing shiny blonde hair, Rosé always knows how to make others notice this advantage of herself. Not attached to the long, loose hair that made her name, the main vocalist of Hac Huong changed to braiding her hair on one side, pulling and dropping two curls on both sides to evoke a sense of poetic, dreamy standard of her style.

Instead of the traditional back braided hairstyle that will easily make you show your face, switch to a side braid, loosen the hairline to make the braid more voluminous, your hair will naturally loosen up, your face will look small. that’s much more

Those who are dyeing their hair ombre, this hairstyle must be said to be very good, thanks to the contrast between the two parts of black and platinum hair, Winter stands out more.
And if you want to “hack” your age a bit, just tie your hair on both sides and grow. Seulgi looks super cute with her hair on both sides and funny “dog gnawing” bangs

The secret for girls who want to have some “poo” photos rolling around in bed, taking a new look when waking up is pulling braids like Dahyun, making sure everyone is fooled.

You don’t have to tie it from top to tail, but you can leave a gap like this, remember to accentuate it with a few cool accessories to be fashionable.

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