Is Praiya Srikamol feuding with airport fashion?

Patchwork and cramming items onto a set is easy to create the opposite effect, but Praiya Srikamol does not understand that.

Usually when combining clothes with accessories to increase the diversity of the overall outfit, one needs to pay attention to the interconnectedness of each item to ensure a solid whole, without “music going away”. music, words go after words”.

But no one seems to have told that to Praiya Srikamol.

Appearing at the airport a few hours ago, Praiya Srikamol captured the attention of the people around, causing many people to look back even though she covered up. The reason lies in the way the dress is really hard to make people feel.

As a silver screen star that contemporaries compared to the beauty icon Dich Le Nhiet Ba,Praiya Srikamol hides her lovely figure behind a set of clothes that it is difficult to define what style this is. Or how she feels when she mixes up a set like this
Was she really in a good mood to have her head to thighs dressed like a minor, and her legs to be no different from that of an apprentice witch?

A patchwork should not be celebrated and replicated these days. Prada’s loafers, Marc Jacobs dress, and Miu Miu hat are expensive items that are not worth mixing together and produce a finished product like a clothes hanger wandering in the middle of the airport.

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