How does Huynh Mai Linh change after nearly 1 year causing fever?

Huynh Mai Linh once made the online community stir with a series of beautiful angel-like photos. After nearly a year of being known to many people, her life has now changed a lot.

Nearly a year ago, Huynh Mai Linh caused the online community and beauty groups to make waves with a series of beautiful angelic photos. Mai Linh is constantly praised for her delicate “five senses”, energetic temperament, and extremely attractive smile. Since then, she has received a lot of followers on social networks.

After nearly a year, she admits that her life has changed a lot. Linh herself is known to more people. At first, having too many friend requests and somewhat rude messages made her feel a little uncomfortable. However, after a while of getting acquainted, Linh has stabilized her mind and even feels happy because many people accept her.

Mai Linh asserts that she is still not as good as people comment. However, she will try every day to improve herself and meet everyone’s expectations.

At the time Linh was known to everyone, she was a second-year student at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, beautiful people from Ben Tre continue to pursue their studies.

In addition to studying time on the lecture hall, Mai Linh is also a photo model. The job that matches her interests and passions helps her bring in a decent source of income, enough to cover life in Ho Chi Minh City.

While many of her peers are still completely dependent on family support, Mai Linh has been able to be independent, take care of herself and buy her favorite items.

Possessing a beautiful and clear face, Mai Linh receives many invitations to take pictures. However, sometimes she also has to consider, to balance between study and part-time work.

One strong point that makes Mai Linh receive so much attention is her fashion style. In addition to photography, this beauty’s other passion is fashion.

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