Good tip from Korean stylist: If you want to know if you are suitable for dark or light hair dye, consider your face shape

This is one of the most useful tips to make the process of dyeing hair simpler.

There are people who are born with a perfect face, suitable for all hair colors, but there are people who only suit certain colors. In order to determine if the girls are suitable for light or dark hair, Korean stylists also have to “pick up” a lot of cool tips. One of them is to consider facial contours.

Accordingly, people with angular faces or sharp lines should dye their hair light. Because light tones will help your face become softer, more harmonious and meek. Imagine the pentagon below is an angular face, when placed in the middle of the black background, the details look sharper, but when placed in the middle of the light beige background, the corners seem to have softened.

Hyoyeon is a prime example of dyeing her hair according to the contours of her face and has been successful. In addition to changing the way of makeup, her beauty has improved a lot compared to before.

On the contrary, if your face is somewhat lacking in highlights, the lines are not really impressive, then dyeing your hair dark will be the most satisfactory option. Dark hair background will help highlight every detail on the face, add impressive points and help you become more attractive. Sometimes, just changing the dye color from light brown to dark brown is all different.

Seohyun is the opposite of her sister Hyoyeon. The youngest member of SNSD shines brighter with dark dyed hair. Of course, to complete the look, you should also pay attention to adjusting the makeup!

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